Introducing two websites for business in the UK

Hi everyone,

In this video I want to discuses the emails and calls we’ve had where a lot of you have faced problems because you’ve been unable to get hold of your accountants, due to the coronavirus crisis and other problems a lot of us are facing at the moment and are aware of, I mentioned this because the truth is right now, given the current climate we are unable to accept such a high number of new clients, but we feel its our duty to help you as much as we possibly can in order to help you solve your problems.

I hope we get passed this coronavirus crisis very soon, and sutler your accountants will get back to work and you’ll be able get help. But if there’s something you urgently need help with, and there is no way for you to contact your accountant, then contact us and we’ll see how we can help you.

As You are aware you have to file your company year end account by its due date, but if you want to extend it past its due date then you must apply for the extension before you official due date in in order to avoid any late filling penalty charges.
we explained in our previous videos that company house, just as they have always done, and well now with Covid 19, they will consider your extension application for the time you have to file your accounts for up to three months.

I will show you that you don’t need your accountant, you can register an email at company house and request the three month extension for filing you end of year accounts, and so you face any penalties.

I will show you how to do this and the link will be available like always any the end of this film.

So you go over to this link and register here if you aren’t already registered.

So then it’ll take you over to this page, and so if you want register you click oaths register button, and now you’ll enter you email address and re-enter the same email in the second box.

And then click on the send registration email.

then you get this message from company house, that they have sent over an activation email to the email you provided, you are given 24 hours to verify this email before it expires.

When you then log on to your email and you should have received an email from company house with a link that you click on in order to verify your email.

Once you click on the link in the email you’ll see this page and your email has been verified, and now here you are asked to choose password, has to be at-least 8 characters, with at least one uppercase letter and one symbol. Retype the same password in the box below and then click on complete registration and sign in.

Your email is now registered with company house, now click on this link.

Now will go over to the website for applying for an extension for filing your accounts. Ill put this link on the video for you as always,

Now here you can see that in order for you to extend the deadline for filing your accounts, you click on start now, here you have to enter you company number, click on continue, you’ll then see you company details here, and here it’ll tell you the deadline for filing you accounts.

Check the details and if they’re all correct click on continue.
Here you’ll be asked for the reason why you want an extension, so whether is illness, cover 19, your accountants not available or if you have any other reasons and the you’ll explain you reason.

if your reason is covid19 you select it, then click on continue. Then you’re asked if you have any other reasons so no and click continue again.

This is now your applications which is explained here, telling you you have applied for an extension because of cover 19 and then click on confirm and submit,

Now you see this message explaining that your application has been submitted and you will receive a confirmation email.

Here its tells you it takes up to 5 days to review your application, and if its accepted you will receive an email telling you how long its been extended by.

So you can see it says they usually extend by 30 days but if your reason is the coronavirus then you can get an extension of up to three months.

Ok so as you can see its a really simple process and you can do this by yourself, and you don’t have to worry or face any penalties.

The other issue which we have discussed in the past is what you have to do to keep up to date with HM revenues latest news or announcements.

So you can register on the their website too and as soon as there are any updates, or announcements you will receive them in your email, we also explained how you can change the language in previous videos if your English isn’t perfect.

This way you’ll be up to date with the latest information, ill explain this one more time.

You’ll go over to this website which I have shared in previous videos, share this video and tell you friends that they too can register, so you enter your email here, you confirm it here and choose password. Click submit.

Here you are asked about the type of information you want to receive, if you want the information click on add subscription, and here you have the list and so if you want all the information you click on help and support topics and it’ll all be selected.

And if there are any updates or changes your receive the email. If you select the self assessment here you’ve again selected all the related topics.

And now click submit.

So now you have watched how to do this, but of course if you are one of our clients you have received our direct emails and we do follow up these matters from you ourselves.

But by doing this you can keep up to date with the latest information.

We have not gone through most issues, a lot of you have already received your loans or grants, this means now is the time for working on your business plans and projects, for the future and post coronavirus crisis so that you can increase your earnings and succeed.

I wish you all the best, good luck

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