The topic I’m going discuss with you today is some of the tools and techniques/methods? you can use for trade and investment which will be a two part part video.

Its very important that you watch both videos in order to get all the information, by doing so you will have a better of reaching your goals.

This guide is for general use and can be used and applied internationally, a technique that can boost your earning and your chances of success, you can use technique whether you live in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

As we have discussed in previous videos, we attend to only show you techniques that will be practical, and have been trailed and tested.

Picking the right time and assessing opportunities is one of the most important factors when it comes to your business success.

As you are aware, medical staff and personal in every hospital around the world are working tirelessly, and so by doing something quite simple not only you can show your appreciation for all their hard work but this can also improve and boost your business.

This is very important and will bolden your business reputation and brand name.

Ok so, this is a website that is exclusive to UK NHS personal, its a huge database containing information about medical personal, most of whom are registered members of this website so that they can have access to discounts available on the site.

To show our appreciation, we are offering a 35% discount on all our services here at Dehshid and co to all medical personal, of course this is a very small gesture and we’ll never be ankle to thank them so their truly vital work.

We are also offering this discount to other medical services such as dentists so that they too can take advantage of this exclusive offer.

This offer has been really good for both our reputation and revenue and we’ve had a great response, and would go as far as to say I really recommend this to other colleagues in accountancy.

As you can see, the website is healthstafsdiscount.co.uk, once you enter the site you can see the logo top here, here you can see they provide discounts for NHS personal, by clicking here NHS staff and register, underneath is the link called business register, once you click on this you’ll be taken to registration page, here you can. Register your business by filling in your business information, so we’ve registered before and ill just go up here and log in.

Now for example ill click on search NHS offers and Ill type London in the search box here, and in this box ill type accountants, now as you can see the first result comes up is our business which is Dehshidd & Co Accountant, and here in the first part we have provided information.

We’ll click on the link, now this page you see all of our information, company name, address, phone number, our logo and our 35% discount offer for NHS staff which I explained before as a show of appreciation, so it covers all of over services, PAYE, VAT, CIS, CT 600 and pretty much all the services needed by those in the medical profession.

And then a little about us and who we are, now we have two links available here that you can click on, and this able us to go directly over to our website, and this will allow them to find out more about us.

Now when you’re on our website, if you scroll down, this is we upload our Instagram videos on our website too, at the bottom of the page you’ll see this logo that says we support NHS staff, this is a link and we can click on that and it’ll take you directly to the healthstaffdiscounts website and our information page which explains the discounts we’re offering.

Now if your register your business on this site, you’ll be able to use some of the other services they offer, for example you can send an email to all all NHS staff who are registered on this website and let know about your services.

As you can see there are 184,648 registered NHS members on this site, also shows you the number of those registered this week, today and are registering right now.

And here we can tell them about the services we can offer them, and you just click on submit and it’ll be emailed to all of them.

So as you can see its a really good website, I will share the link in the post.

Now is this website only useful for a accountancy firm, the answer is definitely no. whether your a small or large business, you can take advantage of this method.

So for example, lets start with a small Business, if you provide child care services for example, a baby sitter or nanny, you’ll know that right now nurseries are all closed, and NHS staff are working longer hours, and some of the personal could be single parents, they will be really need child care, or in some cases they may want to hire a full time baby sitter or nanny to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, this way they’re Childs carer will not have to travel long distances going back a fourth.

As you can see this give you access to a great market, ill give you another example and this time a medium sized business, if you own a coffee shop or restaurant that is in a close proximity of a hospital, we had given this advice to our clients who are in the food industry before this coronavirus crisis, and they had some great results.

And given that restaurants are shut right now, take away could take advantage of this method.

As you can see, what ever type of business you own, from a small to a large manufacturer, you can offer your services and products a lot more and a lot easier to those in the medical profession and even those who are not.

Now why did say those in the medical profession and those who are not, my point from mentioning those who are not is the medical profession is that this site is searched quite a lot online and will help your web site get listed further up on google search and have a better chance of appearing in the first search results. This will help your business become more accessible to everyone.

To offer your basic services on this website is free off charge and by just paying a small fee you will be able to use the other services it provides, like sending emails or printing your business in their related publications, or placing you logo on there web page and other advanced services they provide.

To be continued

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