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Tips To Rebuild Your Small Business After COVID-19

Hello again friends and followers

Thank you for your kind messages and messages of support.Your positive energy is a real motivation for us, it motivates us to work harder for you and gives us a bigger sense of responsibility when it comes to your business. Today we’ll discuss a few IBS techniques, IBS stands for intelligent business service. Now it won’t be possible to cover everything regarding this subject in one video so please watch our other videos on our social media accounts, follow us and share with friends so that you can all use the information in order to improve your business. You can also visit our website and check out our blog and find out more about IBS or intelligent business service. I want to talk a little about one of the IBS techniques that will help those in the Food industry such as restaurants and take aways. As we have mentioned in previous videos, your customers habits will change post coronavirus crisis and it is essential that you prepare your business for these changes in order to insure that it remains a profitable business. When it comes to the food business most people make the mistake of thinking that if you just have high quality food, or a really good location or having really good management will guarantee profits. None of these factors on their own can guarantee profits. Now think about where your business should be when you do have good quality food, good management and good pricing? If your business isn’t where you think it should be then you need to discuss this with your accountants and business advisors, you need the right advice in order to boost your business and profits. IBS Smart advertising and pricing are very important and we’ll discuss them in detail for the different types of business during our intelligent business service seminars.

Our expert advice will differ for each food business depending on the menu and location, and so the advice we give Chinese restaurant and an Italian restaurant won’t be the same.

Lets imagine an Iranian restaurant in London, with Iranian food, its the smell that attracts attention before the food itself. Because of the different laws and regulation here in the UK regarding restaurant ventilation, the ideal location for an Iranian restaurant is a ground floor with nothing above, this way your not too high up and you can take advantage of the smell of your cuisine.

Having parking or access to public parking is also important. Its important to know the local demographic so that you can choose and plan the right interior design, colours and smart advertising.

These are just a few examples from the hundreds of different things you need to consider before investing or buying a business. So it’s really important that you use our consultation service and speak to our experts so that you can generate the profits you are looking for.

If you already own a business where factors such as location where not considered and you are not generating the profits you were hoping for, don’t worry, your business can be assed and reviewed so that we can offer you the best solutions to get you back on track.

Our experts are ready to draw up official contracts for these cases? Lets get back to the coronavirus, something that’s had a huge impact on the restaurant business and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Maybe in the past, as a form of advertising, you offered your customers a free drink or dessert with every order, but what can you offer today? You have to realise that people will notice an offer for a bottle of hand sanitiser more than a bottle of drink, and its more economical. For example here at Dehshid and co we got hold of these hand gels and give them out to clients and the public with the tag line, clean hands save business, and this helped put us out there more.

These tag lines and slogans will differ for each type of business. This idea isn’t restricted to hand gels, you could give away masks, gloves or other items. Other ideas are changing the design and interior of your business, one simple and low cost option is disinfecting or sanitizing door mats, also proving disinfecting hand wipes instead of normal napkins.

Of course I understand getting hold of some of these items can be a little hard right now, and for this reason we have negotiated with several import companies in order to support UK businesses, so we have now have a situation where if you are a business owner, you can get old of these gels and masks in order to support your business and stand out from the rest.

We at Dehshid and co have come up with a gift for your business, whether your a restaurant or a beauty salon, companies and factories, we are offering you some digital art work design for free of charge.

If your interested get in touch by emailing your details and how many you need to [email protected]. Don’t forget to send your name, contact details, name and type of business so that our colleagues can contact you.

It’ll be smart advertising and very beneficial.

If you are already one of our clients, please do mention it on your email so our colleagues are aware and can inform you of any discounts or offers you are entitled to, and also help you take advantage of the IBS expert advice.

For the attention of UK based businesses. Due to the new HM Revenue rules announced on the 24th of April All products that fall in to the personal protective equipment category, from the 1st of may until the 31st of July 2020 will be zero VAT rated.

This will be a big help. IBS consultation and smart investing for all businesses which are services provided by Dehshid and co, will remain free of charge for our clients. Remember that no business can make it by itself and will fail in the end. It is you who through good decision making and using the right expert consultants can create a profitable job for yourself and others. If this is the first video you’ve watched then you have missed the many information and advice videos with have produced. So visit our social media pages and follow us. Watch the previous videos and the topics and methods we discussed so that you too can take advantage of them and improve your business.



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