Part 2

Successful business owners plan for the future

A successful business goes hand in hand with organised accounting

We know quite a few similar websites, and given our 15 year experience, we can advise you on exactly when and how to utilise this in order to get better results for your business.

Those of you who are watching our video and live outside of the UK, you can use this information and methods in order to offer your services and products and make them more accessible.

Now for example if you own a car repair shop in Iran, or sell car parts like tyres and other product, you can put your information on websites that are visited by mostly drivers, and just like this advertise more for your business.

For example in Iran, the Snap App must have a huge database of drivers, and so if there aren’t any data websites for different occupations in your country of residence, then our advice and ideas can be an inspiration and motivation for those individuals or organisations who have this type data to start new business project and build the websites.

This can be a source of income for them and those looking to advertise their business, this will of course benefit the consumer who is looking to use your services or products at a discount price. It’s a win win situation for all parties.

Im really happy that the disinfection idea that we mentioned in our previous videos have been noticed by Uber, Snap drivers and even large hotels.

the most important factor and rule for effective advertising and a successful business is empathy and honesty, and we’ll discuses this subject further in our successful business video, the rule of kind business.

The truth is empathy and honesty is the key to business success, it’s natures rule.

We have had and have clients/customers? Who run a ethical and honest business, they’re services and products are of a high standard, good pricing, and they themselves believe that the have done well with advertising, but never got the results the were after or increased their earnings, so they came to us for help and expert advice/consultation?

Lets discuss this with an example, you ask someone about a good car, they’ll tell you their opinion, engine size for example, body style, wheels, it should be like this or like that. So you’ll go and spend a lot of money and buy a car with a certain body style, engine and all the other options. And now because you’ve spent a lot of money, this has also increased your expectations, so this in a way is to describe the type of businesses that come to us, they opened a restaurant or coffee shop, they invested a lot of money, but they have failed to make the profits they need.

Let me ask you a question, how much is the air in the a cars tyres worth compared to the car itself? yes, its a very small amount, but, if the tyres don’t have much air in them or are flat, you expensive car or business will be unable to make any profits or moves with a lot difficulty and gives you a tiny profit.

This is where we need to take notice of the fact that a successful business, just like a car, requires a number of things for its existence and profits. So all the different requirements have to work together and each has to do its job perfectly in order for a business to succeed.

The role of your accountant and business advisor is vital for the success of your business. It is vital that you choose a business advisor before you start a business so that they can give you the best advice and during the time you are running your business, they should be able to spot the delicate and vital details needed for your business and point them out to you, if this isn’t the case then just as your thinking you have built a strong business, you’ll notice that your car or business is moving quite slow and isn’t giving you the required profits.

If you’re looking to sell your products, register a brand or investing in the UK markets, you can use the services our company provides.

Considering our successful experience in investments and tax services here in the UK, being involved with all different types of businesses and having a really good understanding of the UK’s business environment, with can be give you the best available advice.

If you’ve already started a business and you haven’t got in touch with us yet, its not too late, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to analyse and assess your business, so that we have provide you with the best advice in order to help your business and boost your profits.

By forwarding our videos and information to your friends and family you can help them have a greater chance of success with their business.

Soon ill be posting a series containing vital and key information and also rules for success in business and increasing earnings in the UK. I am certain that it will change your business outlook.

Its really important that you tell your friends now, tell them to go over to our website, follow our channels, our telegram channel, our Instagram account or our Facebook page, so that they can make use of the information soon as its provided.

As we have mentioned before, our goal isn’t to give you a fish but to teach you how to fish. If this information helps change the business life of one person, then we’ll feel that we have reached our goal, and that one person could be you watching this video right now.

At the end I just want to remind you that those farsi speakers who have been in touch from outside of the UK, and were feeling down comparing their situation with that of the UK, and they had watched our videos on the UK governments financial support compared to what is available to them and how little support they get, they felt that they didn’t have much hope for the future regarding their business.

My good friends, the first thing I want to remind you of is that losing hope if the first step towards failure, the first rule of failing as a business is losing hope and fear. Making comparisons is wrong, for example a very wealthy individual buys their child a very expensive car, now this very expensive car could be worth less than 0.1% of the individuals net worth, but then my father is a simples worker and spends half of his wages to by me a cycle, which ones worth more do you think? So making comparisons is wrong.

Remember that all countries will do everything they can to get passes this coronavirus crisis so that they can improve the situations for their citizens, but then every country will work within their means.

Now taxes could be much higher here in the UK compared to your country, so there’s no reason to lose hope. Remember that having a positive outlook is like the wings of a bird for your business.

We’ve also had requests for us to invest or get involved in your business, I have to say that in this moment in time our company is unable to do that as we are professional and dedicated accountancy and business Consultation firm, and so if we get involved in other business then this will have a direct impact on the time we need to take care of our companies customers and you, and of course this goes against or company policy and philosophy.

Be transparent, be unique, learn where you can and teach where you can. Take care, God bless

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